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Asbestos in Canberra

Building products containing asbestos were phased out of use in domestic properties around the late 1980s and were banned from commercial use in December 2003. However, Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs) can still be found in many buildings today, considering how widely they were used in the past. Many residential and commercial properties in the ACT or Canberra built before 1985 will likely have asbestos used in parts of its construction.

Asbestos can commonly be found in:

  • Wood heater insulations, including underneath hearths.
  • Kitchen splashback.
  • Vinyl floor tiles and their backing
  • Wall tiles backing for bathroom sheets.
  • Imitation bricks are used to clad buildings.
  • Roof capping, eaves linings and roof guttering.

Despite the fact that it is feasible to discover asbestos signs on your property using visual cues, it is advisable that you hire a specialist to test your property for asbestos using their specialized tools and equipment.

Further reading: Asbestos Safety Information and asbestos products.

Buildings in Canberra

Basically, you can’t simply take a gander at certain materials with the naked eyes and conclude that it contains asbestos. You will require asbestos testing services.

Cost of Our Asbestos Testing Canberra

We offer fixed prices for asbestos testing services in Canberra. If you believe you have asbestos on your property, take extra precautions before commencing any work that may disturb the suspected material. We can help you to ensure a safe working and living space for your employees and family. Our services cover all property sectors: residential, commercial and industrial.

Asbestos Inspections

From $399

Buying or selling a property, an asbestos property inspection is just plain smart. To ensure the property you are dealing with is not asbestos-contaminated, or to find out what to do if it is, have an asbestos testing Today.

  •  Residential and commercial properties
  • Full Property investigations
  • Unlimited testing samples
  • Flexible Bookings Guaranteed
  • Suitable for all those who are considering renovating or those buying a property
  • Certificate of analysis

Asbestos Register

From $599

Is your workplace compliant with the law? WHS Regulation 2011 requires an Asbestos Register in the Workplace. Including Commercial, and Industrial premises. Get your property compliant!

  • Commercial and Industrial properties
  • Buying or Selling
  • Compliance Audits
  • Full Property surveys and investigations
  • Avoid unnecessary costs for sampling
  • Free Testing included with unlimited testing samples
  • Flexible Bookings Guaranteed
  • Suitable for all those who are considering renovating or those buying a property

Asbestos Sample Testing by Post

Only $57per sample

If you already have extracted a sample for asbestos testing, you can post it to us. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! The asbestos postal sample is our most flexible service ever. Download The Test Sample Form or call us to have the best offer if you have many samples.

  • Any property type
  • Sample supplied by yourself
  • 60-minute test results upon receiving any samples
  • Have multiple samples? Call us for the best trade price
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