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(Asbestos Watch Canberra: Asbestos Testing) – Building products containing asbestos were phased out of use in domestic properties around the late 1980’s and were banned from commercial use in December 2003. However, asbestos containing materials (ACMs) can still be found in many buildings today considering how widely they were used in the past. Many residential and commercial properties in the ACT built before 1985 will likely have ACMs used in parts of its construction.

If you are concerned about the possibility of ACM in your property, get in touch with Asbestos Watch Canberra immediately!

Asbestos Watch Canberra offers you professional asbestos testing contractors for your residential, government, and commercial properties throughout the Canberra region. They will perform asbestos testing Canberra process by a thorough inspection of your property starting from the ceiling until beneath the floor. Our members can offer you with specialist advice on the presence of ACM and the steps required should you undertake any alteration or demolition works at value prices!

We ensure that all of our approved contractors conduct the project in accordance with local and national requirements. When it comes to asbestos sampling and testing, it is best to contact A-class licensed contractors through Asbestos Watch Canberra.


4 Steps of Canberra Asbestos Testing Process

Table of contents
1. How to find reliable contractors?

2. Manage the risk of asbestos in the right way

3. Extensive asbestos testing Canberra services

4. Reliable sampling and testing for all needs

Section 1: How to find reliable contractors?

Asbestos can only be detected by a microscopic analysis and this is why asbestos testing is important. Asbestos testing is important for elaborate tasks related to removals and especially when you lack the knowledge and awareness about the job.

Here are some tips to find reliable contractors for asbestos testing Canberra:

Step 1: Find reputable contractors

Finding the right contractor for your asbestos testing Canberra project can be difficult. Worry no more, you can find reliable and competent contractors through Asbestos Watch Canberra.  All contractors that received our endorsement have been thoroughly assessed to ensure they have an excellent track of records. Simply browse profiles and read reviews of our members to help you choose the best service provider for your project.

You can follow the tips mentioned below when you are hiring a contractor:

  • The contractor has to be experienced at the job. The experience definitely reflects on the results of the job. If you opt for a service that is comparatively new in the market then you might be disappointed with the approach because it takes years for a service to acquire a proficient outlook towards the job.
  • You should send pictures of the work to the contractor. This way it would become easier for the contractor to give you an estimate regarding the job and you might be able to get a more valuable deal. This also saves the contractor’s time and they can give you a free quote right away.
  • Do not restrict you and take quotes from multiple contractors. This would give you the opportunity to choose the best price and the best contractor.
  • Nowadays it is not difficult to find details about the reputation of a service. All contractors in our website online reviews and this would give you an idea how people have found their experience of working with the contractor that you just chose.
  • Always make sure that you inspect the equipment of the contractor. Most people ignore this essential aspect. What you overlook is that the equipment gives a fair idea about how a service has been performing all along.

Step 3: Contacting the contractor

Sometimes you need an assurance that you are hiring the right people for the testing process. The best way to establish an initial contact is by carrying out the communication process on the phone. This way you will be able to get some basic details about the contractor and you will be able to draw the first impression about the professionalism of the contractor. You can also send an email.

A proactive contractor would ensure that all your queries are answered at the earliest and you get a satisfactory response.

Make sure that you arrange meetings with your contractor as well. This would give you the opportunity to communicate your requirements in detail to the contractor and he would be able to get a clear idea about your needs and requirements.

Step 4: Commencing with the process

Now when you have finalized the contractor for the work, then your job does not end here. You have to ensure that all your requirements are being met and the process is being executed just the way it has been promised. You also need to monitor that the team members of the service follow safety and hygiene methods and should be willing to work in a congenial environment.

There are some contractors out there that have their own way around. You should only opt for that contractor who is flexible and respects your feedback and suggestions. Make a checklist of all the testing tasks and ensures that all the tasks are being completed as per the schedule. There should no communication gap as well.  The best way to motivate your contractor is that if the team does a good job you will surely hire them in the future as well. This would encourage the team to do a great job and they would try to give the best output in the shortest possible time span.

Section 2: Manage the risk of asbestos in the right way

By hiring contractors through Asbestos Watch Canberra, you are eliminating possible health risks from fibre exposure significantly. Our endorsed contractors are fully A-class licensed and will put your safety as their highest concern. They have the pivotal skills and knowledge to conduct asbestos testing Canberra – safely and efficiently. There is no work related to testing and sampling that can be too challenging for our members.

Our Approved and Licensed Member will Help You, Why?

They are knowledgeable and skilled: Our members are extensively trained and have a working knowledge in relation to ACM matters, including how to conduct sampling, interpretation of NATA fibre identification and monitoring reports, risks and consequences of fibre exposure, likelihood of exposures in relation to specific work practices, and the requirements of ACT law.

They are equipped with modern tools: Testing for ACMs, removing fibrous fence, and other related services require a number of specialized equipment and tools. Without the right equipment and tools, there is now way that the work will be done correctly. Our approved members have everything that is needed to handle ACMs in the best way possible. You can be confident that they will show up with all the equipment and tools needed to complete the project at hand within the shortest time possible.

Excellent services at competitive costs: Whether you need an ACM inspection in commercial, government, or residential settings; our endorsed contractors know how to deliver your project on time and within budget. They aim to provide you with exceptional quality services at a value price. You can contact one or more contractors through Asbestos Watch Canberra and our members will give you free and customized quotes.

Conduct all work in accordance with applicable guideline: If you need to check, inspect, remove or other related services involving ACMs; you need the services of experts who know all the legislative and compliance requirements that have been set by the Australian and ACT government. Those are the type of experts that you are going to get if you choose any one of our endorsed contractors.

Read more about legal requirements surrounding ACM here:


Section 3: Extensive asbestos testing Canberra services

When you believe there is ACM in your commercial, residential, or government property, all you have to do is contact one or more of our endorsed members. Our members will take care of everything; starting from asbestos testing, sampling, until site decontamination.

1. Collect samples in a safe manner

Our endorsed contractors will provide sampling technician that is accredited and certified to collect samples from your property in a reliable manner. Their team of specialists will collect all layers from the doubtful materials, whether from your fencing or roofing products, to get a representative laboratory result. They will collect samples carefully to ensure that the people residing in your building are not exposed to this carcinogenic substance. To give you an insight of what to expect, here are several procedures that may be carried out by our member:

  • Use a wet cloth to prevent fibre release from the doubtful material
  • Collect samples carefully with a special equipment and put in sealable plastic bags
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the tools and equipment and seal them inside plastic bags
  • Place all samples inside of other containers
  • After taking samples, they will use a tape or paint to seal broken materials
  • Remove roof asbestos read here

2. Testing samples via a NATA accredited lab

Even though it is possible to check for ACM signs on your property, it is advisable that you hire certified experts to test your property for ACMs using their specialized tools and equipment. In principal, you can’t just look at a material with naked eyes and conclude that it contains fibre.

Only a microscopic analysis can prove the presence of fibres in any material. The suspected materials will be examined by polarized light microscopy (PLM) method under varying conditions. This technique is used to confirm the presence of ACM and its’ type, whether friable or non-friable fibre.

After microscopic analysis, the result may show the presence of any of these following fibre types; crocidolite (blue fibre), chrysotile (white fibre), or amosite (brown fibre). Once the presence of fibre is confirmed, our members will record all areas in your property that contain fibrous substance. This process will help them to identify which places require special attention. Our endorsed assessors can also further discuss the next step to manage ACMs on your property; they may suggest you perform asbestos removal Canberra or create a management plan.

3. Site and tools decontamination

Our approved removalists may perform site decontamination to ensure your property is safe for re-occupation. The decontamination process includes:

  • Determine a proper method for the site decontamination. They will take several factors into accounts, such as economic issues and time.
  • Desterilization of facilities, tools, and equipment used for sampling
  • Transportation and disposal of waste to a facility approved by the city council
  • Air fibre monitoring to assess the level of contamination in your property

Section 4: Reliable sampling and testing for all needs

You should take extra precautions when you believe your property contain ACMs. Seek help from a licensed professional to conduct an inspection before commencing any works that may disturb the suspected materials. We can help you when you face this problem by connecting you to A-class licensed contractors who are highly skilled and experienced.

Our endorsed contractors aim to ensure maximum protection for the people residing in your building by delivering excellent asbestos testing Canberra services.

They have many years of experience in conducting sampling, testing, and other ACM-related services in a respectable manner. Our approved members are knowledgeable and extensively trained to conduct ACM inspection in the best way possible.

Our endorsed contractors offer comprehensive asbestos testing Canberra services starting from sampling until site decontamination. They are equipped with modern tools to ensure high-quality work.   Our members can perform both quantitative and qualitative measurement upon sampling. All works are conducted in accordance with local, state and national regulations.

Contact one or more contractors through Asbestos Watch Canberra today to ensure a safe working and living space for your employees and family.