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If you believe you have asbestos on your property, take extra precaution. Seek help from a licensed professional to conduct asbestos testing, before commencing any work that may disturb the suspected material. If you face this problem, we can help you because we are a highly skilled and experienced asbestos testing service provider.

  • Our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team aim to ensure maximum protection for the people residing in your building by delivering excellent asbestos testing services.
  • We have many years of experience in conducting sampling, testing, and other asbestos-related services in a timely manner.
  • We offer comprehensive asbestos testing services, starting with sampling right through to total site decontamination.
  • Our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team are equipped with modern tools to ensure high-quality workmanship.
  • We can perform both quantitative and qualitative measurement upon sampling. All works are conducted in accordance with local, state and national regulations.

Contact us, Asbestos Watch Canberra , today to ensure a safe working and living space for your employees and family. To ensure that we offer value prices for services including asbestos testing, you can ask for a free quote as well.

If you know that your property contains those life threatening material, don’t panic. Contact asbestos removal Canberra to save the life of your family. Always be smart and be safe.

Asbestos: uses & types

Building products containing asbestos were phased out of use in domestic properties around the late 1980’s and were banned from commercial use in December 2003. However, asbestos containing materials (ACMs) can still be found in many buildings today, considering how widely they were used in the past. Many residential and commercial properties in the ACT built before 1985 will likely have asbestos used in parts of its construction.

Asbestos can commonly be found in:

  • Wood heater insulations, including underneath hearths
  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Vinyl floor tiles and their backing
  • Wall tiles backing for bathroom sheets
  • Imitation bricks used to clad buildings
  • Roof capping, eaves linings and roof guttering

Even though it is possible to find asbestos signs on your property using visual cues, it is advisable that you hire certified experts to test your property for asbestos using their specialized tools and equipment. In a nutshell, you can’t just look at some materials with the naked eyes and conclude that it contains asbestos. You will need asbestos testing services.

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Our asbestos testing processes

When you believe there is asbestos in your commercial, residential, or government property, all you have to do is contact the Asbestos Testing Canberra Team. We will take care of everything; starting from asbestos testing, sampling, through to site decontamination.

  1. Collect samples in a safe manner

    Our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team will collect all layers from the suspect material, whether from your fencing or roofing products, to get a representative laboratory result. They will collect samples carefully to ensure that the people residing in your building are not exposed to this carcinogenic substance. To give you an insight of what to expect, here are several procedures that may be carried out by our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team:

    • Use a wet cloth to prevent fibre release from the suspect material.
    • Collect samples carefully with special equipment.
    • Use a wet cloth to clean the tools and equipment.
    • Place all samples inside of a 200-micron thick plastic bag.
    • After taking samples, our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team will use a tape, sealant or paint to seal broken materials.
  2. Testing samples via a NATA accredited lab

    Our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team may use microscopic analysis to prove the presence of asbestos fibres in any material. The suspect materials will be examined by polarized light microscopy (PLM) under varying conditions. This technique is used to confirm the presence of asbestos and its’ type, whether friable or non-friable asbestos.

    After microscopic analysis, the result may show the presence of any of these following asbestos types; crocidolite (blue fibre), chrysotile (white fibre), or amosite (brown fibre). Once the presence of asbestos is confirmed, our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team will make record all areas in your property that were tested. This process will help them to identify which places require special attention if needed.

  3. Testing gun for asbestos used in Asbestos Watch Canberra

  4. Site and tools decontamination

    The Asbestos Testing Canberra Team may perform site decontamination to ensure your property is safe for reoccupation. The decontamination process may include:

    • Determine a proper method for the site decontamination. The Asbestos Testing Canberra Team will take several factors into account, such as access issues and time.
    • Decontamination of facilities, tools, and equipment used for sampling.
    • Transportation and disposal of asbestos waste to a facility approved by the city council.
    • Air monitoring to assess the level of contamination in your property.

There are no projects that are too large or difficult to be handled by our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team. All you have to do is contact us with a clear description of your needs. Our Asbestos Testing Canberra Team will promptly attend to your site and access the condition of the suspect materials in your property.

When it comes to asbestos sampling and testing, it is best to contact A-class licensed contractors such as the Asbestos Testing Canberra Team. Call us today to receive free quotes and competitive prices!

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