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(Asbestos Watch Canberra: Asbestos Roof Removal) – The word “asbestos” often strikes fear into potential property buyers, and it certainly isn’t something to take lightly. This material is classified as a hazardous substance and was extensively used in the large number of construction products, especially roofing and siding products. Roofing products containing this hazardous material are still very evident in our communities today; as many post-war houses were built with asbestos-containing material (ACM) roofs.

Asbestos Watch Canberra offers you A-class licensed contractors to your commercial, domestic, and government properties in the Canberra region. Our endorsed contractors provide extensive services to remove fibrous roofing materials, decontamination, and disposal of harmful waste to a legal landfill site.

Asbestos roof removal Canberra is a service that requires experience and skill. Our approved members and highly skilled and knowledgeable; they will eliminate both friable and non-friable ACM roof from your property effectively. Their team of specialists can also replace your old roof with a new material you prefer, such as tiled or color bond ceiling that is ACM-free.

Contact one or more of our endorsed contractors for a peace of mind since they will extract the fibrous roof completely from your property.

4 Steps of Our Canberra Asbestos Rood removal Process

1. 3 important things about fibrous roofing products

2. The best way to deal with ACM roofs

3. Steps to remove ACM roofs completely

4. Have a peace of mind with Asbestos Watch Canberra

Section1: 3 important things about fibrous roofing products

Asbestos is actually a fibrous mineral that became a popular building material back in the 1950’s. It is still a vital part of many schools, homes, and buildings. Initially, asbestos was widely used as fire proofing and insulation solution. Inhalation of asbestos can lead to many diseases that include lung cancer as well. If the asbestos in your home is disintegrating then it is a matter of concern and you have to opt for asbestos removal Canberra contractor to get rid of this issue. The use of asbestos was banned in 1999 so if your house was built after that time frame then there should be no issue. However, any house that has been built before this date then the asbestos issue has to be dealt with.

Let’s see why you need to contact professionals to remove fibrous roofs:

1. Asbestos is still present in Canberra

Asbestos was extensively used in construction and other industries between 1946 and 1980 in Australia. Mining ceased in 1983 and use of asbestos was phased out from 1989 and banned entirely in December 2003. Now ACM cannot be imported, used or recycled. However, ACM remains an issue as two-thirds of homes in Australia built between World War II and the early 1980s used ACM. Most common applications were in roofing, exterior and interior walls, fencing, switchboards, paints, insulations etc.

2. Potential health hazards from fibrous roof

When the contaminated roof is in good condition and intact, it is generally not hazardous. However, aging and weather can weaken this non-friable substance and turn them into friable. A demolition or renovation work can also disturb this material.

Friable material can release fibre into the air and make them become airborne. When being inhaled, fibre can lodge within the lungs and lead to the development of aggressive diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Note: Avoid removing, cutting, disturbing, and breaking the ACM roofs alone!

 3. A license is required to remove friable ACM roof

When you find a fibrous roof in your home in Canberra then the first thing that you should do is not panic. If the material made of ACM is in a good condition then you need not worry too much. However, what you need to do is to keep monitoring the condition of the material from time to time. If the fibrous roof is damaged or in a bad condition then it is necessary that you should call a professional service provider right away. Asbestos roof removal work involving friable ACM must always be performed by class A-licensed removalists.

You should always give the detailed information about the fibrous roof presence in your house to the contractor who sends the team for the extraction process. This way they can come well prepared for the job. Make sure that you always get the assistance of a licensed contractor for the asbestos roof removal Canberra process.

Section 2: The best way to deal with ACM roofs

The presence of fibrous roofing and siding materials in your office or house can be hazardous for health. You need to take adequate measures in this regard and get asbestos roof removal Canberra done at the earliest. If you believe that you have ACM roofs in your property, get in touch with us now. Our endorsed members will remove the fibrous roofs in your building – completely and safely in the fastest way.

Why you need to call our members today…

They are knowledgeable and highly skilled: When you choose our approved members, you don’t need to go through the hassle, as they are knowledgeable and highly skilled. Their team of processionals has extensive experience in delivering projects for different types of clients including residential, commercial, and government properties. They have the expertise and resources to complete projects of all scope and complexity.

Your safety is our top priority: We are committed to your safety: this is why we endorse experienced and highly skilled asbestos contractors who get the work done efficiently and safely. If you are looking for removalists who are detail oriented, time conscious, and also committed to your health and safety; then you are looking at the right place, Asbestos Watch Canberra is the ideal place to find such removalists.

They provide exceptional services at value costs: Our endorsed contractors strive to deliver exceptional services at value costs. They know what it takes to deliver the project within your budget and on schedule. The total cost for a removal work depends on different factors and properties. It will be based on the projects’ complexity, the amount for materials needed, and the location of the suspected materials within the roofing structure. These aspects determine the amount of time and energy that our members have to spend, and it’s reflected in the total cost for you.  To get an overview of the total cost for your project, we need you to contact our members first so they can provide you with a free and customized quote.

They perform all types of projects: Our endorsed members perform all type of jobs and control the cost, schedule, and quality to meet your needs. They are able to handle all size and scope of projects; starting from a pre-inspection to a complete roof removal. Their team of specialists will stage your projects in the correct order to ensure everything is performed properly.

Section 3: Steps to remove ACM roofs completely

Removing ACMs roofs is a complicated process and must be conducted only by a licensed contractor who has specialised training to handle fibrous materials. An incorrect procedure may increase the risk of exposure to the people residing in your building. Our endorsed contractors offer a comprehensive range of services for a safe handling of fibrous roofs.

Services offered by our members:

Service #1: Prepare a control plan as required by the law

Before commencing any removal work, our endorsed contractors will provide you with a removal control plan. The control plan would specify all the measures that would be undertaken by them so that the people residing in your building are not at risk during the removal task. The control plan ensures that the entire process is managed in a safe way and is well planned. The plan will be created as per the situation and should also state the different job requirements. The control plan will list down the equipment, tools, and method used for the job.

Service #2: An initial inspection of roofing products

Our endorsed assessor will conduct a thorough inspection to analyse the presence of ACM roofs in your property. They will assist and help you with the whole procedure; starting from sampling, testing until site decontamination. Their team of professionals will test the sample through a NATA accredited lab for further analysis. If the presence of ACM is confirmed, they will assist you to determine the next step required to eliminate the risks of exposure.

Service #3: Removal of the entire roof or the supporting structures containing fibrous materials

Our endorsed contractors will undertake the roof removal Canberra process in the best way possible. While removing contaminated materials from the ceiling, their team of professionals takes these following precautionary measures:

  • Put a plastic sheet around the area where roof removal Canberra will take place.
  • They will never work on a dry ACM and they will always wet the fibrous roofing materials first. They will use water and liquid soap mixture to wet down the contaminated materials using a pump sprayer to prevent dust formation.
  • Seal of the removal area to keep people without safe gears safe.
  • Use pry bar to remove the contaminated materials
  • Ensure that the removed fibrous roofing materials remain wet.
  • Put the discarded waste material in a container and seal it off.
  • Seal protective clothing and gloves in another container and disposing of it properly.
  • When needed, they can replace your old roof with a new material.

Service #4: Site and facility decontamination

When the asbestos roof removal Canberra process is completed at your place then our approved removalists need to go for the personal decontamination process as well. The first step is to clean the boots with damp rags and clean overalls with Class H vacuum cleaner. Even the disposable respirator has to be placed in the waste container and disposed of. This way they can protect themselves and the people nearby from any health risks related to the exposure to asbestos. It would also be good if the asbestos removal site is decontaminated. When the job is finished, they will make sure that the facility has been cleaned properly.

Section 4: Have a peace of mind with asbestos watch Canberra

If you intend to remove fibrous roofs from your property, get in touch with asbestos watch Canberra immediately! We offer you professional asbestos contractors for your government, residential, and commercial properties in the Canberra region.

Our endorsed contractors offer a comprehensive range of services starting from an initial inspection until a complete extraction of the entire roofing structures – safely and completely n the fastest way.

They aim to deliver excellent roof removal Canberra services following your budget and requirements – at value prices. Their team of professionals will also handle the disposal of toxic waste to a legal landfill facility approved by Canberra city council.

Our approved members are highly skilled and extensively trained to achieve efficient roof removal works. They employ modern and the newest technology to ensure the quality of the roof removal process. Our endorsed contractors strive to provide maximum protection for your family and employees.

The solution for your ACM roofs is only a call away. Contact one or more of our approved members to ensure a complete and safe asbestos roof removal Canberra.