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How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost in Canberra?

There are still a lot of buildings in Australia that contain asbestos. You’d better be watch out! You might also find it in your house as well. While the demand of asbestos removal services is getting higher; People are wondering about the cost. Some people think the cost is too much. However, the Government advised people to use professional removalist services to remove this dangerous material.


asbestos removal cost in canberra


Usually, a professional removalist charges the work per square meter. There are not many companies who charge the service by the hour of work. However, the rate will still depend on various factors, such as:

  • The scope of the work. The difficulty of the job is the most important factor in estimating the service rate. Try to see two different kinds of roofs; the cost to remove a steeply sloping roof might cost higher than a simple shed one.
  • The tip for distance and tipping costs. It probably will start around $450 or higher.
  • Sometimes it is easier to remove large sheets of asbestos than large quantities of smaller asbestos materials. Thus, asbestos removalists estimate the removal cost per sheet; which in Canberra starts from around $70 per sheet.

Always keep in mind that each part of the job has its own difficulty. Thus, a removalist will charge the job individually. They will give a different rate to a different scope of work. In example, you might get charged for $60-$70 per sheet to remove the external cladding and $35 per square meter or more to uninstall an asbestos roofing material.


In Canberra, the minimum rate for any asbestos removal will probably around $700.

Yes, there are so many factors that can affect the cost of asbestos removal. You should tell detailed information to the removalist and ask him to give you a quote. This is to avoid extra charges if they find that the job is more difficult than you describe. You have to give accurate information about your asbestos problem to the professional contractor. Stop thinking that you can cut the budget by hiding some facts. It is better for you to describe it thoroughly and discuss the best way to conduct the job with professional contractors.

Other Costs

Post-removal services will probably cost you more. But this part is important to ensure that your property is completely safe and free from asbestos. In some areas, you will have to pay for a post-removal inspection, and perhaps air monitoring as well. This can cost you about $1000 to $2000.

NB:  The cost estimation posted in this article is based on 01 May 2015 and obtained from external sources. You might need to ask for a quote directly from a removalist to get an exact estimation for your project.

You must put your safety as your highest priority. Thus, try to hire only professional removalists who will finish the job in the most secure manner. Asbestos must be handled with extra care. It will be dangerous to deal with asbestos carelessly.  It will be getting more dangerous when the material gets disturbed. Thus, there is no excuse for cutting, breaking or does anything that can generate more asbestos dust into the air.


asbestos removal in canberra


No matter how much the cost is, you must trust professionals to get the jobs done right for you. Mishandling the asbestos product may cost you a lot more than it should. There are fines and criminal charges for mishandling the asbestos product. So, don’t cost yourself at risk! Save more money by getting the jobs done right in one time.

There are a lot of professional asbestos removalists in the greater Canberra region. You can easily find one who matches your needs. Here’s a hint for you: start a consultation! It is better to discuss everything at the first place before the job is starting to be performed. Try to create a control plan and manage the workflow. This way the asbestos removal work will be fully managed and might save your budget. Stay away from asbestos by removing it in the right way!

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