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Asbestos: The hidden danger!

Even though the use of all types of asbestos has been prohibited since 2003, many old buildings in Canberra still contain fibrous insulation, flooring, fencing, and roofing products. Thus, when demolition or renovation projects take place in the work or living space, these products must be handled carefully.

Performing a DIY asbestos removal is considered dangerous and physically demanding. A professional removalist must always be hired to do this type of job. Asbestos Watch Canberra, as an endorsement company for A-class licensed contractors, will connect you with trusted removalists to perform a safe asbestos removal Canberra process.

If you believe you have asbestos-containing material (ACM) in your building, get in touch with our members immediately!

Our approved members provide extensive services for residential, government, and commercial settings. We ensure that they will conduct all works in compliance with national, state, and local regulations. Over the years, they already performed ACM extraction projects and delivered the desired outcomes for many clients.

Our approved contractors strive to provide flexible solutions in demanding situations. When it comes to asbestos removal Canberra, it is best to contact professional contractors through Asbestos Watch Canberra.

Canberra Asbestos Removal and Remediation

1. Important tips for managing ACM safely
2. Hiring the right expert
3. How to remove ACMs safely
4. Reliable asbestos removal services in Canberra

Section 1: important tips for managing ACM safely

If you live in a house or work in a government building that was built before the 1990’s, there is a pretty high chance that the used construction materials contain some form of asbestos. ACM was commonly used as building materials in the past because of its’ desirable mechanical properties. When dealing with fibrous materials, it is important to take appropriate actions to prevent the risk of exposure.

Here are some tips for you to properly manage ACMs:

1. Understand the risk

Concerns on the use of ACM were first raised in the early 20th century. Most of the early victims were asbestos workers and many died from respiratory diseases caused by over-exposure. Due to the widespread use of fibrous materials in the early 20th century, most of us have been exposed to asbestos in varying levels. However, for most people, the level of exposure is relatively small and the risk is low. This might not be the same for those who live in houses or work in places where there is considerable ACMs used in the structure. These people will, as a result, need asbestos removal Canberra services in order to reduce the health risks involved.

‘More than 1000 Canberra homes are contaminated by asbestos and 30.000 people are affected by it.’ – ACT government

2. Take actions

As an example, if you have vermiculite lining on your premises, it could contain the fibrous substance. To avoid fiber inhalation, do not disrupt vermiculite insulation in any way and do not try to eliminate it yourself. Be sure that:

  • Children are not allowed into the area that contains fiber substance
  • All cracks and holes in the ceiling of your room located under the insulation are filled with a sealant
  • Caulking is applied around the light fixtures hatch to prevent the insulation passes through
  • Professional contractors are hired when planning a remodeling or renovation work

3. Hire a competent expert

If you lack the knowledge about the fibre extraction process, then managing the process on your own can be a big threat to your health. You need to know the benefits from hiring professional ACM removalists, so that you will have a clear concept of the incentives coming your way.

  • When you hire a professional service for a fibre extraction project then they ensure that ACM is removed in a way that it does not damage the environment. Only an expert has the relevant knowledge and the resources for proper fibre extraction process.
  • Professional service will speed up the fibre elimination process and you will be able to save up on your valuable time as well.

The licensed operators are trained for the appropriate fibre extraction process and there is no risk of accidental fibre contamination. Asbestos removal Canberra requires expertise because if this process is mishandled then it can cause ACM contamination inside and outside the building. For example, if the process is mismanaged inside your house then it will release fibers that will cause your bedding to become contaminated. When you hire a licensed contractor then if a mishap occurs then the insurance of the contractor would cover the costs of decontaminating the house.

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Section 2: Hiring the right expert

Your health and safety matter for us; this is why we connect you with qualified contractors who specialise in extracting fibrous materials from government and residential buildings in Canberra – who offer competitive prices!

‘The ACT government requires that a Class-A licensed removalists to be hired for the extraction of friable ACMs’Access Canberra

Why you need to seek help from our members?

  • They are selectively chosen: We understand that choosing a removalist that you can depend on is challenging. That’s why we make it easy for you to find reliable asbestos contractors. All of our members are selectively chosen for their exceptional skill and their professional conduct. We take extensive measures when choosing contractors, ensuring they will deliver a safe and complete asbestos removal Canberra process.
  • Our members are highly experienced: We endorse A-class licensed contractors whose specialty is the removal of ACMs from government and residential buildings. Our members have years of experience on how to handle the difficulties that come with the removal process. When you work with our members to remove the carcinogenic substance form your building, you can be assured of; a responsive and friendly team of experts, an action plan and safe work method statements, remediation solutions that will ensure your living and working space are safe again and post-removal follow up, such as air monitoring, when required.
  • They employ modern equipment for a safe removal process: Our approved members employ modern equipment to ensure clients’ safety and maximize efficiency. They are trained in correct and safe techniques when operating tools and equipment to ensure your project is undertaken quickly and safely.
  • Our endorsed contractors are fully insured: ACMs are carcinogenic and cause numerous aggressive illnesses. There are many risks that our endorsed removalists are faced when performing the project. They always take precautions when conducting the job to keep everyone safe when they are working. They always wear personal protective equipment and other safety tools when handling fibrous materials. However, accidents may occur even though they work carefully. You should not be worried that you will be held liable and paying additional costs when accidents happened. This is because our approved removalists are fully insured.

Section 3: How to remove ACMs safely

Asbestos Watch Canberra endorses A-class licensed contractors that have years of experience in asbestos removal industry. They provide vast services that include an initial survey and a complete removal of fibrous materials from your property. Both types of ACMs, friable or non-friable, can be safely eliminated from your property – safely and promptly.

5 steps asbestos removal canberra

Step 1: An initial inspection

An initial inspection by a professional is necessary to determine the presence of the hazardous fibrous materials. Our endorsed contractors can assess and determine whether the doubtful materials contain fibre and further evaluate their condition by conducting a thorough sampling and testing. They will locate and record the location of friable and non-friable ACMs in your property. Moreover, they will also make all information available for people residing in your building and tradesperson who may conduct any construction jobs there. They will identify damaged materials and further completely remove it.

Step 2: Preparing a removal control plan

Our endorsed removalists will prepare an asbestos removal plan (ARP) before commencing any removal works. The removal plan will include:

  • The details of ACM extraction work including the methods, tools, equipment, and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Details of the ACM to be removed including the type, location, and condition of the ACM

Besides ARP, they will prepare another document, which is called a safe work method statement (SWMS).  The SWMS will state hazards related to the removal procedure and describe control measures that are going to be implemented during the work. These two documents are the basic requirements from the ACT government for asbestos removalists in Canberra.  Our endorsed contractors will keep the ARP and SWMS until the removal work is done.

Step 3: Installing an enclosure

Large scale removals of this dangerous material can lead to airborne fibrous amphibole that are a threat to human health. Our members will ensure that there is an enclosure installed in the place where the removal work is taking place. The enclosure will be having the following qualities:

  • It will be made from heavy duty plastic sheet and enclose all the doors, windows and walls.
  • Viewing panels will also be placed in the appropriate places so that it is easy to see the removal work from outside the enclosure.
  • Adequate lightening facility will also be present inside the closure. Before using the fibrous amphibole enclosure it should be tested by a qualified assessor as well.

Step 4: Removing all ACMs on your property

Our members can remove all forms of ACMs including fences, roofs, internal cladding, ceilings, flooring, and pipes. They will work together with you to decide which equipment and method are best suited to your particular needs. Here is a simplified removal process that may be used by our members to help you know what to expect:

  • HEPA filters are often used and will be installed outside of the windows. The filters work like a vacuum and can completely suck the air out of the contaminated room. This creates negative pressure that prevents other areas from being contaminated.
  • ACMs are safely and carefully removed from your building
  • When needed, an air monitoring is performed to confirm the efficiency of the removal process.
  • To ensure the area is safe for reoccupation, they can also do a thorough clean-up process

Step 5: Dispose of asbestos waste to a legal landfill site

Our endorsed contractors will handle the dispose of the harmful waste legally, safely, and promptly. They will first contact the local council of Canberra to locate the nearest lawful landfill site. They will put the waste in thick containers and label them as ‘hazardous waste before they are transported to the waste facility. The waste will be transported by a leak-proof vehicle and disposed of legally. They will deliver a report to you to clarify that the whole disposal process was performed in accordance with legal requirements.

Section 4: Reliable asbestos removal services in Canberra

Whether you are a property manager, a builder, or a landlord that needs help with asbestos removal projects, we can help!

Asbestos Watch Canberra will connect you with trusted contractors that are highly skilled and have many years of experiences in removing ACMs throughout the Australian Capital Territory. Our approved members provide a comprehensive range of services at competitive costs to completely extract fibrous materials from your property. They can handle all your asbestos removal needs; whether you want the harmful substance removed in your living or commercial space, or even on government property.

Our members are putting quality and safety at the center of all that they do

Over the years, our endorsed contractors have been known as the ‘go-to’ service providers for asbestos removal Canberra projects. They ensure that all projects will be undertaken in the most professional manner as possible.

Trust only A-class licensed contractors in Asbestos Watch Canberra; they will handle all of your ACM-related problems and deliver the desired outcomes for you – prompt and right the first time.