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Are You Doing Enough to Manage Asbestos?

In ACT, there are cases where property owner being fined after found guilty of accidentally exposing their building occupants to a potentially fatal asbestos-containing material (ACM). The incidents happened mostly during demolition or renovation project when they don’t comply with the current requirements surrounding asbestos management. The state regulation indicates once the fibrous material has been identified, the property owner must take reasonable efforts to manage the risk of exposure by creating a sound asbestos management plan (AMP).

If you are a landlord or a property manager, ensure that you have a sound AMP in place!

We will connect you with professional contractors who will assist you in developing a comprehensive asbestos management plan Canberra according to your requirements. Their team of specialists will help you with all necessities to manage fibrous materials at your property; starting from a pre-inspection until periodic reviews.

Our approved member will perform a thorough assessment to protect your investments and interests while also ensuring that the health of your building occupants is not impacted in any way. Whether you need assistance within a small or large premise, our members are here to help!

Call one or more of our endorsed contractors today and ensure that you meet the compulsory guidelines in managing fibrous materials with asbestos management plan Canberra for your property.

Table of contents
1. Duty to manage ACM

2. Here is exactly why you need to call our members

3. Services offered by our A-class licensed members

4. Comprehensive asbestos management solutions

Section 1: Duty to manage ACM

Up to one-third of industrial and commercial buildings in the ACT are likely to contain fibrous materials. Unless these hazardous materials are properly manages; maintenance workers and employees may breathe in asbestos fibres when undertaking everyday jobs. Having a sound AMP can reduce the risk of exposure to your building occupants.

AMP is an administrative requirement that making use the results of an asbestos survey or testing for the implementation of appropriate control measures. This plan is required in every large premise such as commercial and industrial property that has fibrous material. The plan has to be updated continuously as changes such as renovations or building maintenance occur.

Let’s take a look further why you need to create an AMP:

1. Health hazards associated with fibre exposure

The Authority noted that exposure to ACM can cause a range of debilitating medical conditions affecting the respiratory system, including asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Many asbestos-related ailments are life threatening or associated with a marked reduction in life expectancy. Annually, 4000 people lost their lives because of asbestos-related diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

2. Property owner has a duty to care to build occupants

Briefly, you are required to create an AMP if you are the premise owner, occupier, or representative that has responsibility for workplace repairs. Property manager or landlord must make reasonable efforts to ensure that their tenants, tradespeople, or clients are not exposed to ACMs. For example, it might seem unlikely that a wall containing fibrous material will affect the people residing in your property. However, you still need to be aware of its existence. When someone hangs a picture on that wall, it could lead to fibre exposure that could have been prevented with a sound AMP bringing about awareness.

“Since July 2006, the residents of ‘Mr fluffy’ homes who haven’t submitted an AMP will be contacted by Worksafe ACT. If you continue to reside in your house after 30 June 2016, you must have an in-place AMP.” – Asbestos Task Force

3. Regulations surrounding ACM is strict

If you own a residential or a commercial building that was built before 2004, you should have an AMP. If you don’t own one, you’ll need to get a survey scheduled right away, as there are big fines and penalties from being willfully non-compliant with state and local regulations.

‘The fine can be as high as $16,500 for a non-residential premise and $3,300 for a residential premise’ – Access Canberra

However, the cost of the fine should not be your sole reason to create an in-place management program for your property. These regulations are simply in a position to assure the health and safety of your structure’s habitants. In order to fulfill the legal requirement, it’s important to know that your residence or industrial building does not contain fibres that can treat the health and safety of people who live or work there.

A thorough inspection and survey will provide you with this assurance. The survey is a criterion for meeting both legal and moral obligations for both residential and commercial buildings, as the people that inhabit your premise on a daily basis may be permanently and severely affected by fibres exposure.

Here are several links that are related to guidelines and policy in regards to the management of fibrous materials:


Section 2: Here is exactly why you need to call our members

If you are searching for contractors who are professional, time conscious, and detail oriented; then Asbestos Watch Canberra is the right place to search for such contractors. We endeavor to give you the best possible experience in finding the ideal contractor for your project.

Why you need to call our endorsed members…

Our endorsed contractors are reliable: As an endorsement company for asbestos contractors, we understand how important it is for you to find reliable contractors to develop a sound AMP. If you are looking for competent and reliable contractors, our approved members are second to none. All of our members are knowledgeable and committed to ensuring your project comes together. Their teams of specialists have been professionally trained to deliver exceptional services. They understand how important it is to get the job done on time and within your budget.

They take all jobs seriously: Our approved contractors take all works seriously, that’s why they are always upfront about the cost and process of asbestos management plan Canberra services. They are always available to assist you and talk you through all the options and find the most suitable option for you. Our A-class licensed contractors are extensively trained and can assist you to make the best decision in creating a comprehensive AMP. No project is too big or small for our members!

Straightforward and easy process for clients: We aim to make the whole process as simple as possible while offering services that fit your needs. Getting professional contractors through us involves a straightforward and easy process. Asides from having an online site that is easy to navigate, it also has detailed information how to reach our approved members When you call one or more our endorsed contractors, you’ll get immediate help from professionals who are committed to delivering the best service that they have to offer. Our members will answer any questions you have and walk you through each stage of the process. They take each project seriously and aim to make your experience easy and simple.

They are dedicated to clients’ satisfaction: Their dedication to your satisfaction is what sets them apart. Our approved contractors aim to provide you with fast, reliable, and competent services at value costs. Throughout the years, they have demonstrated their capabilities in delivering efficient solutions and deliver satisfactory results to clients.

Section 3: Services offered by our A-class licensed members

Our endorsed members will assist you with all necessities to manage ACM problem in your building, starting from an initial survey until periodic reviews. They can perform an initial inspection and create management plan in Canberra for all types of buildings including residential, industrial, or commercial buildings. Our approved members aim to deliver services at competitive prices while ensuring the highest quality for clients.

Discover how our endorsed contractors will work with you to put together a comprehensive AMP:

Service 1: Conducting an initial survey

An initial survey is considered crucial when dealing with ACMs since asbestos can be detected only in a laboratory and cannot be identified by sight. The only conclusive method is laboratory analysis of the sample. A competent assessor can check the presence of ACM in your property as well as its condition.

Our members may follow these following steps when performing a survey:

  1. They will request a meeting to discuss your requirements.
  2. Upon agreement, our members will send professional surveyors to inspect the fibrous material on site, perform sampling and conduct a risk assessment.
  3. They will draw a building plan and walk around to identify potential ACMs (friable or bonded material). They will inspect all doubtful products in your property including roofing, fencing, cement sheeting products.
  4. Our endorsed surveyors will create an asbestos register template and then note down each material that might contain fibre. They will also add additional information such as the condition of the material (good/damaged).
  5. When the survey is finished, they will complete the asbestos register and report their findings to ensure you understand what is needed to maintain compliance.
  6. They will put a date on the register and sign the form.

Service 2: Creating efficient AMP to manage ACM

Our endorsed members will develop a sound AMP to ensure that you are managing ACMs effectively at your premise. They will develop an AMP that is going to answer three important questions; what is going to be performed, when is it going to be performed, and how is it going to be performed.  

Briefly, our approved contractors will conduct these following activities:

  • Identifying ACM – through a survey or inspection where a competent person identifies all fibrous materials within a property within areas that may be accessible, noting the location and condition of the ACM.
  • Assessing the potential health risk of the ACM.
  • Employing measures that will prevent, control, or eliminate the risk- this involves periodic inspections of the ACM or its removal depending on the condition.
  • Ensuring that there is an asbestos register so that the location of all identified ACMs, their condition and any controls implemented are well documented.
  • Notify employees/residents – all employees/residents must be notified about any ACM in the premises.

Service #3: Conducting periodic reviews when required

Our approved removalists can conduct periodic reviews to ensure that your current AMP is still relevant and effective. They will assess the condition and the degree of deterioration of fibrous materials at your premise. If required, our members will update your existing AMP for continued compliance with the current legislation.  All the review results and changes will be recorded in an asbestos register.

Section 4: Comprehensive asbestos management solutions

Asbestos Watch Canberra will connect you with A-class licensed contractors to develop a sound asbestos management plan Canberra to manage ACM at your premises. They aim to provide you with exceptionally quality services at competitive prices. Their team of professionals will walk with you from the first inquiry to the time the project is satisfactorily completed.

We aim to bring you the best experience in finding the ideal contractor, fast and easy!

Our professionals are extensively trained and pose pivotal skills that are needed to create an appropriate in-place program. Over many years, they created risk assessment plan in Canberra for all types of buildings whether residential, commercial or government buildings. They offer services that include an initial survey, conducting risk assessments, and periodic reviews.

Asbestos Watch Canberra takes pride in our endorsed contractors’ ability on delivering high-quality services at competitive costs. Let our A-class licensed members to take care of your entire asbestos management plan Canberra needs.

Whether you need help with asbestos management plan Canberra or other related services, our A-class licensed members are here to help!